• "I have a 17-year old daughter who was diagnosed with ASD in 2014. It was quite a shock to my family, but finding help with the process of this diagnosis was more shocking and disappointing since I went through several ABA therapists and local agencies who said they could help yet did not. Thankfully, I discovered BASIX Behavioral Health. When I contacted Anthony Fischetti he asked what I was looking for and my reply was simple-I want someone who won't quit on my daughter. Anthony showed up with a definite plan to get my daughter back to having a quality of life. Anthony matched a lovely, dedicated lady, Brittany to work with my daughter. Over the past six months Brittany worked with my daughter getting her back to life skills, teaching her sign language, and enjoying the simple joys of life. Brittany quickly became a part of our family and was very easy to get along with. I greatly appreciated the guidance and support from the team of BASIX. I will always be grateful for the services my daughter received and highly recommend BASIX Behavioral Health to any family needing assistance in ABA Therapy."
    ~ JF (unsolicited)
  • "My entire family would like to thank BASIX Behavioral Health for guiding our daughter through her developmental difficulties. Our daughter's behavior has improved significantly and we are blessed to be able to eat dinner as a family. Initially we doubted the process, but thankfully you proved us wrong."
    ~ CP (unsolicited)
  • "My son went to BASIX Behavioral Health over the summer. Even though you think you are going there for your child, you realize it’s really to help you, as well. I enjoyed Anthony and Darlene very much. They came to ground zero (my home) and showed me several tips and tricks to help me and my son behavior-wise. His behavior did a 360 after just a couple visits. The wealth of information via paper and through actual tutorial was huge. We left therapy with a whole new perspective on living with Autism. I am forever thankful for meeting Anthony at a Health Fair and keeping that business card. I never expected to call, but so happy that I did."
    ~ JS (solicited)
  • "Anthony coordinated my son's ABA services with Tricare staff and out-of-state professionals in an expedient manner. My wife and I truly appreciated the parent training we received after each therapy session."
    ~ HaLa (solicited)
  • "We do not know how to show enough thanks and gratitude for what BASIX has done for our family! Our respect and admiration for Anthony and his team is second to none compared to other specialists we have used in the past. Our son, Jacob, who is now eight years old, has transformed into a well behaved young man! Thank you so much Mr. Fischetti and everyone else who supported us through our family's dramatic changes!"
    ~ The Harrington Family (solicited)
  • "Dear Basix,

    Thank you for everything. You've done so much over the past few months. We will whole-heartedly recommend BASIX to anyone willing to open up for help or assistance. We strongly encourage anyone with children or family suffering from challenging developmental issues to seek Anthony Fischetti for his services. You have our best regards!"
    ~ Julia & James Rodwell (solicited)
  • "As a single parent and father to two beautiful children, times have been hard watching both of them grow without the support of their mother. With the help of BASIX and the assistance of specialist Anthony Fischetti my amazing son and wonderful daughter have taken leaps and bounds into their young adult years. Both of my children have become mature, exemplary individuals in helping me realize what I need to do to become a better father figure and role model. I appreciate everything you've done for us Anthony!"
    ~ J.T. Smith (solicited)